3 Convenient Pittsburgh Locations
3 Convenient Pittsburgh Locations

Dentures & Partials

The natural-looking long-term solution for missing teeth.

Are dentures or partial dentures right for me?

It’s time to crush the stereotype that dentures and partials are only for older populations. Patients come to Dental & Aesthetics of Pittsburgh for dentures and partial dentures for a variety of reasons, including tooth loss due to an accident, severe decay, or premature tooth loss. Dentures and partials provide an affordable and long-term solution for patients looking to get a beautiful smile once again.

Many people think that dentures or partial dentures will inhibit their ability to eat their favorite foods or will look unnatural. However, a set of dentures from an experienced dentist can provide you with natural-looking dentures that function no differently than normal teeth.

Depending on how advanced your tooth loss is, Dental & Aesthetics of Pittsburgh will suggest either full or partial dentures. In some cases, this will require the extraction of some teeth, but we prioritize keeping as many of your natural, viable teeth as possible. Either way, the end result is a smile you can be proud of showing off to the world.

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