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2 Convenient Pittsburgh Locations

4 Ways To Fix Your Small Teeth From The Best Dentist In Pittsburgh

Small teeth can be the root of many people’s insecurities—thankfully, there are many treatments to fix the size of your teeth and make you more confident in your smile. With non-invasive cosmetic dentistry procedures, your teeth can be looking great in no time. It can be daunting to get cosmetic dental work done, so that’s why as the best dentist in Pittsburgh, we’ve created this informative guide to help you decide the best way to remedy your small teeth insecurities.

Treatment 1: Veneers

Using Veneers to Create Illusion of Larger, Whiter Teeth with the Best Dentist in Pittsburgh

Veneers are a simple, non-invasive way to add onto your teeth to create the illusion that they are larger and more straight. This is a common and popular way to fix small teeth, as your natural teeth can be transformed into the smile of your dreams with very little maintenance. The fronts of your teeth will be texturized to bond veneers onto the teeth, creating your desired smile. Along with cosmetic purposes, this is also a great treatment for people who clench their jaw and grind their teeth at night—it helps protect grinded down teeth and makes you less likely to want to perform these harmful actions during the day or in your sleep.

Treatment 2: Dental Bonding

Adding Onto Your Teeth to Enlarge Their Appearance

Dental bonding to fix small teeth is accomplished when your cosmetic dentist bonds resin to the bottoms of your teeth to enlarge and lengthen them. When you’re only getting this treatment done for small teeth, it is completely pain-free and does not require any kind of anesthesia. This treatment can also be used for patients who have gaps between their teeth or those who have accidentally chipped their teeth. No matter what you’re fixing through dental bonding, it’s guaranteed to be a stress and pain-free procedure that takes very little time.

Treatment 3: Crowns

Giving Your Teeth New Crowns to Lengthen Them

Many people only think that getting crowns on your teeth is used during root canals or when there is a lot of tooth decay—however, there are a variety of reasons that this procedure is used, including in cosmetic dentistry. Crowns can be placed onto the bottoms of your teeth in order to lengthen them and create the illusion that your teeth are larger than they actually are. This procedure is done under anesthesia, however, and will have more healing involved, so it’s important to remember this when considering your options

Treatment 4: Gum Contouring

Letting Best Dentist in Pittsburgh to Change Your Gum Shape

Typically, a “gummy smile” is another insecurity that someone who has small teeth also deals with. Gum contouring is typically used when a person has excess gum tissue that is both creating the “gummy smile” as well as making the teeth smaller. Through this procedure, your cosmetic dentist will remove excess gum tissue while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing gum line. This treatment is also done through anesthesia, making it a pain-free procedure where the patient will only feel pain while healing.

No matter how you decide to deal with your small teeth, the best dentist in Pittsburgh will be here through the entire process. Finally thinking of improving your smile and getting rid of your small teeth? Contact Dental & Aesthetics of Pittsburgh today for a consultation to understand the best option for your small teeth needs.