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4 Things You Should Know Before Getting Kybella

Double chins can be one of the biggest insecurities a person has, especially because of their placement on the body. Double chin removal has been much more difficult in the past, however new technology now allows people to get their desired jawline through Kybella. Pittsburgh is very familiar with this industry leader in double chin removal that has created a procedure that is both non-invasive and quick. Despite its characteristics, there are still many considerations that a person should make before getting this treatment done. That’s why here at Dental & Aesthetics of Pittsburgh, we’ve created this guide to understanding the risks and benefits of a Kybella procedure before getting one.

1. You Will Experience Swelling and Bruising Before Losing Any Double Chin Fat

Remember That it Will Get Worse Before it Gets Better

Patience is key when it comes to Kybella treatments—because your body obviously isn’t used to things being injected into your chin, there will be swelling and bruising, making your double chin more noticeable and larger for a small amount of time. Swelling usually is at its worst 2-3 days after the treatment, however everyone is different and it just depends on your body and dosage. For the next 6 months after your treatment, you will continue to see improvement and better results, making this treatment a waiting game. Despite the wait, it’s worth it for many people, as it is an incredibly safe way to remove your double chin.

2. Kybella is Permanent—Fat Cells Die and Do Not Come Back

Understanding the permanency of Kybella

Something important to keep in mind is the fact that Kybella is permanent, meaning that you won’t be able to reverse the effects. Because fat cells are destroyed from Kybella, it is actually very difficult for one to gain weight under the chin ever again. Some people may not like this, however, this also may be something that you’re excited for, depending on how much you want to remove your double chin. Understanding how this procedure is permanent and will not fade is crucial to the decision process of getting the treatment.

3. It Takes Four to Six Weeks to See Results from Kybella, Pittsburgh Dentists Estimate

Patience is Key When it Comes to Kybella

As previously mentioned, you will experience swelling and bruising after your procedure. However, within a few weeks this will start to subside and within a month you will start to see desired results. Getting through the initial swelling and bruising can be difficult, but your tighter jawline is on it’s way. Remembering that patience is key, especially when multiple treatments will most likely be needed, is incredibly important to understanding the Kybella timeline and not becoming frustrated when there are not immediate results.

4. Kybella May Take Several Treatments to Get Desired Results

When You Need Multiple Treatments of Kybella, Pittsburgh Dentists are a Reliable and Cost-Friendly Source

One of the biggest things to keep in consideration when deciding whether this procedure is right for you is the amount of treatments you’ll need and the cost of Kybella—Pittsburgh dentists estimate that the average person will need two to six monthly treatments to get desired results. Despite the long timeline, many people prefer Kybella because they do not need any sort of invasive surgery.

These are all incredibly important things to consider and keep in mind when deciding whether you should get Kybella treatments or not—understanding the risks, timelines, and healing process is an important part in deciding whether it’s worth it for you. Convinced that you’re ready for Kybella? Contact Dental & Aesthetics of Pittsburgh today to schedule a consultation appointment and melt away your insecurities.