2 Convenient Pittsburgh Locations
2 Convenient Pittsburgh Locations

Well Kept Secrets From Downtown Commuters, From The Best Dentist In Pittsburgh PA

Working Downtown can be exhausting sometimes with the long commute, heavy traffic, and general hustle-and-bustle. When you’re in Downtown, it can seem like there’s nothing practical or useful other than corporate buildings near you. However, we want to show you the best kept secrets from Downtown commuters in Pittsburgh PA and make you fall back in love with being in the city. Check out the list of best-kept secrets from the best dentist in Pittsburgh, PA!

Secret 1: Great Dental Services

Need a Quick Cleaning or a Procedure Done? Stop by the Best Dentist in Pittsburgh PA

It can be hard to schedule a dentist appointment when you’re stuck in Downtown all day during work—but what if we told you it’s a lot easier than you think? There are a variety of great dentist offices right in the Downtown area that can service a great deal of needs. Here at Dental & Aesthetics of Pittsburgh—the best dentist in Pittsburgh—we offer a variety of procedures, including both dental health and aesthetics, for Downtown commuters and residents. The dentist isn’t unattainable during the weekdays anymore, as a quick stop before/after work or during your lunch break is all you’ll need for a nice cleaning.

Secret 2: Top Tier Hairstylists

Not Enough Time for a Haircut on the Weekends? Downtown Stylists Have You Covered.

It can be difficult to get a weekend appointment at a hairdresser sometimes due to the high demand, or you may urgently need a haircut or your hair colored. In Downtown, there are great hairdressers for all hair types and preferred styles. Instead of waiting for several weeks to get in the chair for a weekend appointment, stopping by after work can get you the same great results without any extra travel.

Secret 3: Fashionable Boutiques for Mens and Womens Clothing

Business Casual is Easily Accessible with Stores Right Around the Corner

Needing new clothes but don’t have time to stop at the mall during the weekends? When you shop for clothes Downtown, you’re supporting a local business and putting money back into the Downtown community. There are a variety of high-quality clothing stores for mens and womens fashion that won’t break the bank but are still great for times when you need to dress up. A quick stop at any of the great clothing stores in Downtown after work or during your lunch break can leave you with a fresh, new style for work the next day. 

Secret 4: Affordable, Quick Food Options

Quick, Delicious Stops During Your Busy Lunch Break

One of the best parts of Downtown Pittsburgh is the wide variety of food establishments, because you can almost always find any kind of food that you’re craving. Along with a variety of food, there are also lots of options for quickness, regarding whether you’d like to sit down and eat or get something to go. No matter your tastes and preferences, Downtown Pittsburgh always has something for all commuters and residents. Grabbing a quick bite before commuting home or sitting down for dinner with coworkers is a great way to end your day and the fabulous restaurants in Downtown will never disappoint.

Secret 5: Quiet, Relaxing Parks

A Nice Place to Enjoy Your Lunch Break or Unwind After Work

Downtown Pittsburgh is home to a few beautiful parks that are open to the public. When your job gets stressful and you need some time alone to relax, Point State Park and Gateway Park are great places to sit and relax in the outdoors. A change of scenery from looking at your office desk to looking at the Allegheny River can be therapeutic and stress relieving. These parks are also great for exercise during your lunch break—a few laps around the park with your coworkers is incredibly beneficial and can help your muscles be less tense after sitting all day.

No matter where you look in Downtown Pittsburgh, there are lots of hidden secrets that commuters may not know about. Instead of stressing out during the weekends to rush to appointments, see what you can do before/after work with all of Downtown’s amenities. If you’re looking for dental procedures done while you’re working downtown, contact the Best Dentist in Pittsburgh PA for a consultation.