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2 Convenient Pittsburgh Locations

Ways Dental Treatments And Botox Are Combined By Cosmetic Dentists, Pittsburgh, PA Experts Explain

With a wide array of cosmetic dentists who can easily do most kinds of treatments you’d like, there’s nothing you can’t do to help improve your dental and facial aesthetics. As experts who are cosmetic dentists, Pittsburgh PA has phenomenal options for combination dentistry. Here at Dental & Aesthetics of Pittsburgh, we’ve created a guide with some of our favorite ways to combine dental treatments with Botox in order to create your ideal face.

Combination 1: Dentures and Botox

Botox is a Great Help When Adjusting to Dentures

When your mouth isn’t used to dentures, it can be really difficult for them to adjust to the new normal of your mouth. Botox is actually a muscle relaxant, meaning that it is sometimes used in instances where your mouth refuses to adjust to dentures. While there is no cosmetic benefit to this specific procedure, there’s no reason why you can’t get a little bit of extra Botox in a different place during the same time. Talking with your cosmetic dentist about Botox options while you’re getting dentures is a great way to up your facial aesthetics game while taking care of your dental health.

Combination 2: Rebuilding Teeth-Grinding Damage and Botox

Botox Helps Relax Muscles That Cause you to Grind Teeth

Teeth grinding is caused by a multitude of issues, including stress. Overtime, it can wear down your teeth and leave you with a damaged mouth. Thankfully, a great way to keep yourself from grinding is through Botox treatments—their muscle relaxing properties don’t allow you to grind your teeth in your sleep, meaning there is less overall damage to your teeth. When you’re getting your tooth-grinding damage assessed and repaired, talk to a cosmetic dentist; Pittsburgh PA dentists are incredibly open to Botox and will be willing to help you stop damaging your teeth by grinding them.

Combination 3: Gum Lift and Botox

Self-conscious of Your “Gummy Smile”? Botox Can Help When Used With a Gum Lift

While some people find their gummy smile endearing, others believe that it’s an eyesore and wish to fix it. There are many ways to fix a gummy smile, but one of the most popular ways is with a gum lift. When you’re getting a gum lift, Botox is also a great way to augment your lips to make your gummy smile less noticeable. Bring this up with your cosmetic dentist during your consultation—there’s a multitude of ways to make your gummy smile less noticeable to ensure a conventional smile that fits what you’re looking for.

Combination 4: General Cleaning and Botox

You Don’t Need a Special Procedure to Get Botox

It’s important to remember that you don’t always need a special occasion to ask for Botox—if it’s something you’re interested in, you can combine it with the simple dental cleaning that you get every 6 months. It can be paired with just about any procedure, or even done by itself. Talk to your cosmetic dentist if you’re interested in Botox for your next appointment—it is a quick and easy procedure that can be done after your cleaning.

Overall, there are many ways that you can combine Botox with dental treatments. By communicating with your cosmetic dentist about the possibility of adding Botox to your treatment session, you can fix dental issues while also helping your facial aesthetics. Contact Dental & Aesthetics of Pittsburgh today to schedule a consultation for a combination visit with Botox and dental treatments.