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Top 4 Ways To For Men To Improve Their Facial Aesthetics, By Experts In Crafton Family Dentistry

When people think of dental and facial aesthetics, they typically think of women getting these procedures done. While many women do get cosmetic procedures done, there are plenty of men who also benefit from these treatments as well. If you’re a man interested in improving your facial aesthetics in Crafton, Family Dentistry experts are breaking down the gendered norms of the procedures. That’s why here at Dental & Aesthetics of Pittsburgh, we’ve created this guide for men wanting to improve their appearance through facial aesthetic procedures.

1: Botox Treatments

Live in Crafton? Family Dentistry Can Erase Fine Lines to Make You Look Younger

Botox treatments are quick and easy, as long as you’re not afraid of needles—many people think that this procedure is exclusively for women, but the amount of men getting Botox has recently been increasing. These procedures can be used to treat fine lines on the forehead as well as smile lines around the mouth and eyes. There are some things that need to be considered, however, such as bruising and swelling, as there is a certain period of healing time needed for desired results. Understanding the risks involved and weighting them with the positives is a great way to find out if Botox is right for you.

2: Kybella Treatments

When You Want the Best Jawline in Crafton, Family Dentistry Experts Can Help

Double chins can be incredibly difficult to lose weight from due to their positioning on the body and the inability to exercise and tone it. Because of this, many people are unhappy with their facial aesthetics due to their double chin. Kybella is an industry leader in double chin removal, where a couple of injections will literally “melt” your fat away within a few months. This is a great way for men to feel more confident with a striking and prominent jawline to wow others.

3: Lip Injections

Lip Augmentation Helps Men Too, Not Just Women

When people think of lip injections, they exclusively think of women getting larger lips, but this is absolutely not the case—lip augmentation is for everyone. As we age, the definition, volume, and shape of our lips worsen. To continue to look and feel younger, many men use lip injections, which is a quick procedure with amazing results. By talking with a lip injection specialist in Crafton Family Dentistry, you’ll be able to understand what the best course of action is to get your desired lip shape and volume.

4: Dermal Fillers

Fix a Wide Variety of Facial Insecurities

As men age, their face can begin to sag and lose volume and elasticity. By using dermal fillers, a specialist will inject the soft tissue of your face in order to restore your youthful appearance in a non-invasive way. Many men choose dermal fillers rather than plastic surgery because of their quicker healing time and non-surgical properties of it. With a couple of quick pinches, you’ll be on your way to a more youthful looking face.

Overall, there is a wide variety of ways that men can improve their facial aesthetics. While many people only think of women getting these types of procedures done, men benefit just as much and are able to look and feel younger. If you’re considering having one of these procedures done, contact Dental & Aesthetics of Pittsburgh, experts in Crafton Family Dentistry, for a consultation appointment.