2 Convenient Pittsburgh Locations
2 Convenient Pittsburgh Locations

It’s Easy To Stay Safe During COVID-19 While Keeping Up With Botox, Pittsburgh Experts Say

When news hit about COVID-19, many people who have cosmetic procedures done at interval times were very stressed out about getting their work done. Thankfully, despite these unprecedented times, it’s easy to keep up with your Botox, Pittsburgh cosmetic experts Dental & Aesthetics of Pittsburgh say. That’s why we’ve created this guide on staying safe while still keeping up with getting your desired facial aesthetic look.

Before You Schedule: Ask About Your Doctor’s Preventative Measures

Keeping Yourself and Staff Safe Before Scheduling

Before scheduling your next Botox appointment, you should completely understand what preventative measures your office is taking. All offices should be taking temperatures at the door, requiring mask wearing at all times except when getting lower facial injections, and practicing proper social distancing. Staff should also be protected by wearing medical masks at all times. When in doubt, calling the office to ask about what they’ve been doing to protect their employees as well as their customers is incredibly important and can save your life. If you’re not confident that they’re taking the pandemic seriously, then you should either find another place to get Botox work done or wait until things get better.

Preparing Yourself for Your Appointment

Confirming You’re Symptom-Free and Haven’t Been Exposed

Just like you would do for any other kind of appointment or visit, ask yourself these following questions before going to your appointment:

  1. Have I come into contact with someone who is COVID-19 positive within the past 14 days?
  2. Am I experiencing a cough, difficulty breathing, sore throat, fever, or other common symptoms related to COVID-19?

If you answer yes to either of these questions, then you should not go to your appointment no matter what—call and cancel your appointment out of respect for the safety of the staff and community. Instead of going to your appointment, you should be tested for COVID-19 to confirm whether you need to quarantine or not. While this may seem frustrating and annoying, you’ll be glad that you inconvenienced yourself rather than spread the disease. 

What to do When You’re at the Appointment

Ready for Botox? Pittsburgh Guidelines Help You Stay Safe

When you’re at the office, make sure to practice social distancing as well as keep your mask on at all times unless requested to take off during your treatment. During your appointment, you should stay alert for any signs that COVID-19 regulations are not being followed, as this is a sign that you should leave. 

At the end of the day, your physical health means more than your Botox does—leave and contact another office for treatments if you need to. There is a wide variety of ways that you can stretch out treatments for as long as possible with habit changes, so don’t be afraid to cancel your appointment. As long as regulations are followed and the office is taking things seriously, keep as much distance as possible and frequently disinfect your hands and belongings. Most importantly—enjoy your session and look forward to your results!

Overall, it’s a very strange time and everyone is learning how to cope with the new normal. Despite this, it’s still perfectly fine to get your Botox treatments done to keep yourself looking as youthful as possible. With proper precautionary measures from you and the office you’re going to, it’s safe and recommended to continue to get treatments during the pandemic. Looking for an office that takes COVID-19 seriously and offers high-quality Botox injections? Contact Dental & Aesthetics of Pittsburgh today for a consultation appointment.